Dollar 4Business Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Dollar 4Business program:
How does my company apply for a Dollar4Business account?
First, determine which Dollar 4Business plan fits your company's car rental needs: D4B Corporate Rate Plan or D4B Flex Rate Plan. Next, complete the Dollar 4Business online application at Your application will be processed and you will be contacted either by email or phone within a few business days.

What is the difference between the D4B Corporate Rate Plan and the D4B Flex Rate Plan?
D4B Corporate Rate Plan offers low, competitive corporate set rates anytime of the year. D4B Flex Rate Plan provides the current retail rate minus a 5% discount.

What are the benefits of having a D4B corporate account?
Low, guaranteed rental rates which may include for qualifying companies free additional and underage driver fees, limits to vehicle damage responsibility, rates available for rentals at all U.S. and Canada Dollar locations, a Multi-Month rental program and free membership in our Dollar Express Rental Program. No matter which business account program you select, your company will be able to track car rental business through the use of your CD number.

Are there any surcharge cities?

Yes, there is one U.S. surcharge area:

DTG U.S. Surcharge Areas (where location is in operation): Manhattan $15.00/day, New York City Airports (JFK, LGA, EWR) and surrounding area $12.00/day, and all other New York State locations $9.00/day.

Do I have to take my corporate rate with the D4B Corporate Rate Program?
No, but the corporate terms and benefits for your company will not be applicable if the renter utilizes an alternate leisure or promotional rate. When a rate other than the corporate rate is taken, the volume is not tracked toward their commitment level.

Are corporate account rebates available?
Yes. This is part of the D4B Flex Rate Plan when reservations are made on

Do you have a one-way rental program?
Yes, where applicable, one-way rentals between participating locations will be charged a set per-mile rate based on point-to-point mileage. Charges will be quoted at the time of reservation.

What is your refueling policy?

The renter must refill the gas tank of the vehicle within a 10-mile radius of the rental return facility and present a fuel receipt to avoid a refueling charge unless the renter chooses the prepaid fuel option. With pre-paid no need to refuel the vehicle before you return. Purchase the gas in the tank at time of rental and you can return at any level. Price is competitive with local pump prices. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN FOR UNUSED FUEL. Or Dollar refuels for you. Return the car with the gas at any level. Price is for fuel and refueling service combined.

What is your minimum age requirement?
The minimum age requirement is 20 years old unless otherwise mandated by state law. Dollar business accounts may waive the underage driver fee as a negotiated corporate account benefit for qualifying companies.

What are your additional driver requirements?
An additional authorized driver must satisfy the age requirements of Dollar, have a valid drivers license, and must meet other rental requirements, which vary by Dollar location. Some Dollar Business accounts waive the additional driver fee as a negotiated corporate account benefit.

Are driving directions given at the locations?
Counter agents offer driving directions and maps at no additional charge or you may receive driving directions, provided free of charge, by calling the toll free number listed on the rental agreement (1-866-434-2226).  Many Dollar locations also offer GPS navigational units for rent. Inquire at time of rental for their availability.

Does Dollar offer emergency road service?
Dollar has a very effective 24-hour Emergency Road Service system in place nationwide. A toll-free phone number, 800-235-9393, is available for renters who may experience mechanical or roadside difficulties. Operators at this number do one of three things to assist the customer:
    • They will route the call to the 24-hour manufacturer sponsored roadside assistance desk for immediate attention or
    • Route the call to the renting location for customer assistance, including car replacement delivery or
    • Provide diagnostics to help the customer get on the way, (e.g., help with cold weather starting, how to remove the keys, etc.)

What do I do if I have an accident?
If the car is stolen or has been involved in an accident, first call the local police or appropriate law enforcement agency. In the U.S., an accident report form, which is included in the rental jacket, should be completed in the event of an accident or occurrence. Report the accident IMMEDIATELY to the rental location. The location and phone number will be on the rental agreement. If it's after hours, Dollar customers always can call toll free to 1-866-434-2226, Option 6. You'll be led through the procedure to get you going again. Finally, call your own auto insurance company with information on the incident. Be sure to check with the rental company on their breakdown policy before you drive away.

Do I automatically get billing with my corporate account?
No, once you have been awarded your corporate discount number (CD) you must complete and submit a credit application. It takes 7-10 days for the credit application to be approved. Notify your account manager if billing is required.

Can I put a credit card on file with my corporate account?
No, however, by joining the Dollar Express Rental Program you can add your credit card to your profile. By using your Dollar Express account number in your reservation along with your CD#, the credit card information will pass in the reservation.

Why is my corporate rate sometimes higher than the retail rate?
The corporate rate is a set rate available anytime of the year so during peak periods when the retail rate is high you are guaranteed your corporate rate. During slower periods retail rates may dip below corporate rates. You may select the retail rate if you prefer, but your corporate benefits may not apply.

What is the difference between a corporate account and a Dollar Express account?
A corporate account provides contracted rates and benefits for the company travelers. The Dollar Express program is used hand-in-hand with the corporate account and is an individual membership. In other words, your company travelers will need to join Dollar Express. Dollar Express is a free program that personalizes your traveler’s experience and expedites the rental process. Travelers may also earn FREE rental days by selecting Dollar Express Renter Rewards as their preferred rewards program in their profile.

Do you have a multi month rental program?
Yes, our multi month program is offered to all corporate accounts. For more information please contact our Sales Support Department at 800-331-3550 or visit Multi Month.

How do I extend my corporate rental?
Corporate account rentals booked with a CD# may be extended by a travel manager, travel coordinator or company travel agency when the following information is provided: Their full name, relationship to the renter, a return phone number and the renter's vehicle rental agreement number (RA#). Non corporate rental extensions must be made by the renter. Click here for more information.

Who should I call with additional questions?
Our Sales Support Department at 800-331-3550 or your designated sales account manager.

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