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2 tips for reducing stress before a business trip

1/30/2014 11:19:25 AM

Anyone who has had to plan a business trip knows how stressful the endeavor can be. While Dollar makes it easy to find discount car rentals, it can be a hassle to shop for affordable hotel rooms and flights, not to mention the whole process of packing, scheduling a meeting and preparing your work materials. To keep your anxiety at a minimum before a big trip, follow these basic tips:

Get enough sleep
People often underestimate the importance of getting a good night's rest. Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can help you keep your anxiety under control by helping you think more clearly and promoting healthy blood pressure levels. Try to go to bed and wake at the same times each day, and avoid watching television or using the computer in bed. Being well-rested may also be beneficial to your work performance both on the road and in the office.

Take a breather
If you find yourself becoming anxious or upset, take a break. Step away from the computer, put away your phone and allow yourself to find a place of calm. Deep breathing exercises can help decrease tension and soothe the mind, or you might try meditation, relaxing music or gentle stretching to find your composure. You can use these techniques wherever you are. For example, if you're driving in your car rental, pull over and take a moment to clear your head before going on with the business of the day.

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