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3 technology tips for business travelers


Friday, August 31, 2012 4:27:25 PM

Whether in their hotel rooms or airport rental cars, business travelers like to have technology at their fingertips at all times. Everyone knows how irritating it can be to lose internet access at the worst moment or have your phone run out of battery life in the middle of a conversation. To avoid technology mishaps while you're on the road, follow these simple tips:

Keep a backup battery
For many workers, electronic devices are essential for getting through the work day. So, it's important to make sure you have enough battery power to last during your entire trip. Keeping a backup battery in your laptop bag can be a huge help when your battery runs dry on​-the-go and there's no electrical outlet available for recharging. Some companies also make charging devices that store power so you can recharge without an outlet.

Get remote access
Lugging around a flash drive or external hard drive can be irritating, and they're easy to lose. Remote access allows you to view and edit any documents or other files located on your work or home computer. Be sure to use safe Internet protocol precautions to protect you from hackers.

Consider a mobile hotspot
While many hotels offer Wi-Fi, it can be expensive and often shoddy. To guarantee constant internet access, invest in a mobile hotspot device. It allows you to get online from anywhere - in your hotel room, while parked in your business rental car or enjoying a break in the park - and it generally has a stronger connection since you aren't sharing it with other users. Some smart phones have mobile hotspot capacity built in.

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