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5 safe driving tips for business travelers

10/10/2014 6:00:16 PM

Once you land at your destination and pick up your business travel car rental, you're confronted with a host of responsibilities. Along with navigating an unfamiliar city and making it to all your meetings on time, you must make sure that you're following the rules of the road and maintaining a safe environment for everyone on the road. Consider these safe driving tips during your business trip:

  • Take directions from your partner: If traveling with a business partner, let him or her be in charge of the directions so that you can keep your attention on the road.
  • Know the speed limits: Before hitting the road, look up the local speed limit in your destination, as signs may not be posted to regularly inform you when you're driving.
  • Don't drive under the influence: Not only does it look bad for you as an employee to get pulled over for driving under the influence, but doing so can lead to tragedy, loss of your license and major fines. Avoid alcohol and any drugs, prescription or otherwise.
  • Get traffic updates: You may not be familiar with the traffic trends in your destination, so avoid congestion and delays by using your smartphone or a local radio station to get traffic updates and construction information. But be careful not to use your phone while driving your car rental. 
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