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Airplane etiquette for the business traveler

9/4/2014 6:23:02 PM

When people are in a hurry and confined to small spaces, manners tend to go out the window. As a business traveler, you may be in a rush to get in your corporate car rental and head to the comforts of your hotel room, but be mindful of those around you with these airplane etiquette suggestions:

Stay upright at meal time

In longer flights when it's time to eat, be respectful of the person behind you and keep your seat in the upright position. When ready to lean back, be courteous and let the passenger behind you know - the heads up may be greatly appreciated.

Don't hog the overhead bins

If you have to bring your luggage on board, utilize the overhead bin space to its fullest. Don't turn your bag sideways unless necessary, and place it wheels first. If you have a second carry-on, keep the smaller one at your feet.

Don't push to deplane

You're eager to get off the plane and into your airport car rental, but so is everyone else. Don't crowd the aisle when there's no room or people are trying to get by, and be ready to move quickly when your turn to move comes.


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