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Tips for fun and fulfilling autumn business travel

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 2:52:58 PM

Car rentals give business travelers the advantage of flexibility and mobility, so make sure to get out and explore. You may even meet some other traveling professionals to add to your Rolodex. Even if you explore alone, fall foliage and changing seasons can give a much-needed boost to weary business travelers' spirits.

According to a recent study conducted by AirPlus International and Business Travel Market cited by Smart Women Travelers, regular business travelers experience lowered mental capacity and communication skills, an increased risk of illness and lower concentration levels. With these stats in mind, it seems crucial that business travelers make time to thoroughly enjoy a business trip. If you feel guilty taking a little "me" time, remember: It could improve you health and, correspondingly, your work.

If your business travels take you to New England or the Midwest, you're in luck. These regions are consistently ranked as two of the most beautiful destinations for fall color. You may choose to take your business travel car rental for a leisurely drive after a long day of business meetings. Your health with thank you!

A number of excellent harvest festivals occur during autumn, and can provide you with a great opportunity to take your client on a unique business outing or lunch. For example, business personnel can take advantage of the last farmers markets of the year with business partners during or after work hours.

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