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Avoid these extra fees while traveling

3/23/2015 4:55:34 PM

When you are traveling, there are often quite a few expenses. Between the taxi to the airport to luggage and even hotel fees, there can be some surprising costs during your trip. Avoid spending extra money on these fees:

Some hotels and airlines charge a fee to book. JetBlue, United Airlines and Southwest all charge a booking fee. To keep this from happening to you, be sure to read the fine print before clicking the final "reserve" button. You can also call the airline to ask what their specific policy is so you know before you buy.

With technology as advanced as it is, you'd think wireless Internet would be available just about everywhere. Unfortunately, it's not always free. Always ask the airline or hotel if they have free Wi-Fi. Plan to pay extra if you need a high-speed connection.

Airlines can charge extra if your luggage is too big or weighs over their limit. Use the airline website and a scale before your flight to ensure your belongings won't incur an extra fee. Do your best to not check bags, as this can cost $50 or more that you could have saved by packing a carry on or bringing less stuff. You'll be thankful you didn't bring that massive suitcase when you have to lift it to place it in your airport car rental.

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