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Tips for balancing business travel with family life

Tuesday, September 25, 2012 4:14:41 PM

Regular business travelers know that life on the road can be difficult - especially for kids and spouses who are left behind. While traveling for business, it's important to work hard and prioritize your schedule, but it's also important to maintain a personal and work life balance.

One idea is to build family vacations around business travel schedules. Although the traveling parent may not be able to join in most family vacation activities, before and after work time can more easily be fully enjoyed in the company of loved ones.

Suite 101 recommends using your resources to maintain better contact with your kids and spouses. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have provide ways to stay connected that help maintain long-distance communication more efficiently than ever.  Business travel is often more enjoyable when experiences can be shared and discussed with family and friends.

Most importantly, when traveling, always attempt to stay refreshed and relaxed. It can be easy to come home from a business trip completely exhausted, but all business travel trips shouldn't end with a wasted day of sluggishness. Take time for yourself while traveling, and avoid working 24/7. It is better to return home happy and healthy than stressed and exhausted.

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