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3 Best travel insurance credit cards

11/7/2014 6:31:07 PM

According to The New York Post, people are more likely to make claims against travel insurance than they are against car rental or home insurance policies. If you are a frequent traveler, you know that many trip-canceling events, like illness and family emergencies, are beyond your control and can happen with no warning. You also know that purchasing traveler's insurance for every journey can quickly add up.

Did you know that some credit cards offer free and automatic coverage when you use them to purchase the trip? Check out this list to see if you have a travel insurance policy hiding in your wallet. 

1. Chase Sapphire 
This card covers the cardholder and family members for up to $10,000 each trip for cancelations due to injury, illness and weather. There is also lost and delayed baggage insurance, which includes coverage for valuable electronic devices. 

2. Hilton HHonors American Express
Get coverage for lost or damaged carry-on bags with this credit card. It also offers protection for checked bags, including a policy for valuables and electronics. 

3. Citibank AAdvantage
The AAdvantage card gives you up to $5,000 per trip cancelation caused by health issues. It also features coverage for delays and lost baggage protection of up to $3,000. 

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