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Are business travelers obsessed with their phones?

12/31/2013 1:41:32 PM

It's no big surprise that modern Americans are addicted to their smart phones. We see it in everyday life - people gathered at parties looking down at their phones and family functions where everyone's simply staring at a screen. For business travelers especially, the smart phone is one of the most useful tools while on the road, allowing you to book a hotel or search for discount car rentals.

But are people who travel for business too addicted to their phones? A new infographic released by phone accessory retailer Mophie suggests that they are. The survey-based report looked at data usage by all travelers, including vacationers, and nearly 83 percent say that they use their phones "all the time" while on the road.

However, the information revealed about workers who go out of town is surprising. On average, a business traveler checks his or her phone 34 times each day. Another 59 percent said they would feel "lonely, disoriented or distraught." But it's not just about emotional attachment - a staggering 75 percent reported that their tablets or smart phones help them get more than six hours of sleep each night by increasing productivity. For example, by helping them quickly locate their meeting notes or reserve a business rental car, these devices save small amounts of time that add up to huge quantities at the end of the day.

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