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How to care for your laptop on the road

7/14/2014 6:22:00 PM

From reading the news to booking your airport car rental, you use your laptop for a plethora of everyday and important activities. When you're out of town for work, your electronic device is particularly susceptible to damage, so it's essential to take extra special care of it during business travel. Try these suggestions for keeping your laptop safe:

Use a flat surface

A flat surface is essential for keeping your laptop from overheating - air must be able to flow freely for the cooling fan to work properly. When on the plane, utilize your tray table rather than placing the device on your lap, and stick to tables and other hard surfaces when using your device in public.

Utilize a protective carrier

Travelers on the go should be sure to pack their laptops and other devices securely in a padded, weatherproof bag - a neoprene case is the best option for keeping your computer dry and safe from bumps. If one is not available, at least place your computer in a backpack or duffel bag and keep it with you during the duration of your flight and in a safe, cushioned spot in your business car rental.



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