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Cut down on the stress of packing for business travel with these tips

Friday, December 21, 2012 5:10:52 PM

When you're heading out on business travel, you may often get frustrated packing and unpacking your car rental while you're on your way. Ease your stress with efficient packing methods.

Pack all of your belongings in duffel bags that can be wedged in tight spaces. The best way to fit all of your belongings in the fewest amounts of bags - and avoid wrinkles - is to roll your clothes. If you're stopping at a hotel overnight, try to leave out items for an overnight bag and remember that you likely won't have to pack shampoo or soap, because you can get those items at the hotel.

Try to pack clothes that will be comfortable to wear when traveling in your car rental. Business-appropriate choices for men include cotton twill chinos or trousers, and sweaters. Women can pack breezy dresses or leggings paired with a tunic. Always have dress in layers so you won't get overheated in the car.

Also, you'll want to stay connected, and instead of carrying several chargers around, invest in a universal car charger with different connects (including USB ports). Cutting down what you need to pack will also cut down on the anxiety that can surround business travel.

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