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The downsides of ridesharing

10/7/2014 12:13:38 PM

While many people stick to the more reliable and established business car rental for their transportation needs, some are turning to ridesharing. With these services, which are offered by questionable companies such as Uber and Lyft, allows one to order rides using their smartphones. However, for many business travelers, the negatives may outweigh the pros. Consider these little-known downside of ridesharing:

Rides may not be as cost effective as they seem
During rush hours, ridesharing companies may use surge pricing, raising the fare due to the higher demand. According to one Uber customer, a ride on New Year's Eve in San Francisco ended up costing $75 to go just over half a mile in under 3 minutes. Another big downer: Customers often don't know what they're being charged until they see their credit card bills.

Customer service is generally poor
Lyft and Uber are not known for providing pleasurable transportation experiences. It may be convenient when someone is stranded or otherwise stuck in a tough situation, but because this isn't an established car service, it tends to hire inexperienced drivers just looking for a little extra cash. Hence, they're rarely customer-service minded. With a discount car rental, on the other hand, travelers can save money on transportation without ever having to wait for a ride to pick them up or deal with inexperienced drivers at overpriced rates.

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