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How to dress appropriately for business travel during the winter months

Friday, January 4, 2013 5:19:26 PM

Sometimes it feels like an impossible task to dress professionally during the winter, but a corporate car rental will help you look business-appropriate and stay warm while traveling for business. Next time you're packing for a business trip, consider bringing along these key winter items.

Invest in a winter coat that isn't a parka or puffer. Try to find a coat that's made out of wool, which will keep you warm even when wet. Professional styles include trench or pea coats. Women should always make sure the hem of their coat will be longer than any skirt or dress. For men, the hem should be longer than the suit jacket. Another stylish way to layer is by wearing a vest, which looks great over turtlenecks or with a shirt and tie.

Snow and slush on the ground can make it hard to wear anything other than snow boots, but unfortunately those usually aren't appropriate for the office. Keep a change of shoes in your corporate car rental, and make sure the shoes have been proofed with a water-resistant spray. Also consider investing in fleece boot liners that will be hidden but keep your feet warm.

Luckily, your car rental will help you freshen up on the road. Keep a hairbrush and mints inside of the car, as well as sanitizer. There's no reason you shouldn't be stylish and healthy this winter.

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