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Ease your fear of flying

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 6:31:41 PM

Do you get stressed before or during a flight? There's already enough hassle that goes into traveling for work when it comes to picking up your car rental, booking a hotel and so forth. Ensure that your business trip starts out stress-free by easing your anxieties with these tips:

If your worry sets in before you even get to the airport, take time to acknowledge your phobia and figure out what exactly causes it. Is it the strange noises? Learn what they mean and where they are coming from. Does turbulence make you cringe? Check to forecast to see what you can expect while up in the air. You'll also want to avoid caffeinated beverages before boarding.

While on board
Once you take your first step onto the plane, there are still things you can do to make your trip smoother. Talk to the flight attendants and make them aware of your phobia - they may be able to provide some calming words. Settle your nerves by focusing on your breathing inhaling in your nose and exhaling out your mouth in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Before you know it, you'll be leaving the airport in your discount car rental.

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