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Fun apps for the business traveler

4/24/2014 5:39:49 PM

With the wealth of advancements in technology, there countless applications that make travel easier, such as those that let you book hotel rooms and car rentals with the click of a button. But some are intended to make your trip more enjoyable, whether you're out of town for leisure or business. Check out these fun apps:

A good guide can make any trip better. During your downtime, use HearPlanet, an app that uses GPS to determine where you are then utilizes Google Maps to associate your location with interesting and useful info about your surroundings, such as facts about landmarks and historical sites. It then give you audio narration so you don't even have to read as you walk about town.

If you find yourself missing your friends and family while out of town on business, use Postagram to keep in touch. You can transform photos into charming postcards - real, tangible cards rather than digital ones.

This app helps you find the best places to eat in your destination. It uses GPS to determine your location then provides you with a list of nearby dining spots with customer reviews and ratings, so you can quickly find a great place for dinner, hop in your corporate car rental and claim a table with ease. You can also use the filters to select by price range, cuisine type and other options.

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