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Green business travel tips

Friday, October 19, 2012 9:49:54 AM

Business travel has been naturally "greened" by the onset of telecommunications technologies like Skype and Face Chat, but environmentally conscious business professionals may find that they want to reduce their travel carbon footprint even further. There are many ways to go green when traveling for business that don't require breaking the bank.

Your business travel car rental can be made instantly greener by choosing a more fuel-efficient car. There's no need to get fancy - simple compact economy cars get far better gas mileage than SUVs or other large vehicles. While large cars are ideal for family trips, small cars are the perfect option for eco-minded business travelers.

You can also lower your travel carbon footprint by paying attention to other variables. CarbonDiem, a new smartphone app, tracks users' travel habits, Sustainablog reported. Your walking, biking, driving, busing and train riding information is compiled into an individual carbon emissions measurement. Variables like your car's fuel economy, public transit fuel economy and other factors are also accounted for.

Finally, serious Earth worshippers might want to consider staying at an eco-hotel. Green hotels practice water-saving techniques, power their guest rooms with green appliances and energy sources and cut down on waste. Still, the most environmentally friendly lodging option doesn't require a fancy resort at all: The easiest way to decrease your carbon footprint, as well as your travel bill, is to lodge at the home of a fellow coworker or friend.

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