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Handy navigation apps for business travel in unfamiliar cities

Friday, October 5, 2012 4:05:05 PM

When traveling for business, getting around in your temporary city can seem daunting and frustrating. Car rental can help alleviate many transportation woes, but even cars can only help so much: Drivers still have to navigate their vehicles. Smartphone apps can come in handy when driving in an unfamiliar locale.

Google Maps is probably the best known source for travel route information. Although Google Maps apps are still in progress, accessing the service via your smartphone's browser is simple. If you need to park your rental car, Google Maps offers easy-to-follow public transit instructions. A criticism of the service has been its lack of a spoken navigation system.

Waze is a great option for business travelers. This crowdsourced app boasts 25 million users, and includes spoken navigation, traffic information, accident warnings and construction zone info. You can even opt to meet up with other users.

Skobbler offers a few options for adventurous business travelers. This 99 cent app pulls information from contributing users and offers an OpenStreetMap feature.

Scout is an app made by TeleNav, which allows business travelers to download regional maps of their particular location, allowing them to access the map even if their cell phone is not receiving service. Offering spoken commands, weather-related traffic info, red light camera alerts and other traffic information, Scout is a great option for drivers.

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