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Make your hotel feel more homey

3/9/2015 3:38:06 PM

When you do a lot of business travel, you spend much of your time between your corporate car rental and the hotel. It can get lonely being by yourself as you go from place to place. Help make yourself feel more at home at your hotel with these tips:

Bring your nightstand
Don't literally bring your nightstand, just grab what's on top. That tends to mean a good read, lotion and maybe a puzzle book like sudoku or a crossword. You can even bring a candle, perfume or cologne to envelope the room in a familiar scent. You may also consider bring a journal. You'll also want to bring your phone charger, which likely resides on your night stand. This will keep you connected with business and the loved ones that you are away from.

Take some treats
You may be too tired from your flight to drive your corporate car rental to the nearest grocery store and get your favorite munchies. Some hotels don't have a great selection available in the mini bar or vending machine. Toss a few small snacks in your bag to get you through. Assorted nuts, protein bars and crackers are healthy ideas that are easy to pack and don't require any special handling. 


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