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How to be a more productive traveler

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 9:14:10 AM

Business trips are all about productivity, whether you're trying to finish a last-minute presentation on the plane or perfect a client pitch while riding in an airport car rental. To be more productive on your next business trip, use these tactics:

1. Stay connected
Many airplanes offer Wi-Fi in-flight, although you may have to pay for it. Still, plane rides provide an excellent opportunity to get some uninterrupted work done. Make sure all of your electronics are well charged before take-off.

2. Bring some reading
Have you been wanting to read the latest book from industry experts? Or perhaps you've been putting off going over that expense report for a few days now? Whether you're sitting at the airport or in the back of a car rental, use your down-time to get a little reading done.

3. Change your watch
If you're going to be changing time zones, it's a good idea to change the time on your watch before the plane takes off instead of when you land - it will put you in the right mindset and get you ready to be productive when you reach your destination.

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