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How to get a free hotel room upgrade

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:15:37 AM

If you're a business traveler on a budget, first-class flying and large hotel suites may not be awaiting you on your next business trip. But every good business person knows that the secret to success is being a good negotiator. So after you land, hop in your airport car rental and put those skills to use by following these tips for getting a free hotel room upgrade:

1. Plan ahead
If you are a member of the hotel's rewards program, you can get credit for each of your stays. This will also indicate your loyalty to the hotel, and make it easier for you to earn perks like room upgrades and free nights.

2. Look professional
Although dressing professionally may be the last thing you want to do on a long flight, it may pay off once you land and head to the hotel. Presenting a professional appearance goes hand-in-hand with enjoying business travel perks. 

3. Talk to the right people
Gain a sense of who may be able to pull strings to get you a room upgrade, and speak with that person. Be polite and specific when you ask for an upgrade. Hotels that are not at capacity may also be willing to negotiate upon your arrival.

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