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How to save money during your next business trip

Monday, July 29, 2013 9:32:13 AM

When you have a strict travel budget, you're constantly looking for ways that you can save money during your next business trip. If you're not careful, expenses can pile up quickly, so keep this advice in mind as you hop in your car rental to attend your first meeting:

Create your own mini bar
The days of $7 peanuts are largely gone. Today, many hotels leave the mini fridges in their rooms completely empty, which presents the perfect opportunity to stock up on snacks. Instead of ordering a costly room service meal, head to the local grocery store and fill your fridge with cheap eats.

Take clients to lunch
While client dinners are a long-standing tradition of business travel, taking clients to lunch can be just as productive and will save you money. Not only are lunch prices generally much lower, but people are less likely to spend money on alcoholic beverages during the day.

Bring a Wi-Fi hotspot
Instead of arguing with your hotel to try and get free wireless, bring your own Wi-Fi hotspot. If your smartphone doesn't have the capability, you can buy a mobile hotspot for less than $50. Bring it on each business trip and you'll save both money and time.

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