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Maintaining information security during business travelanair announces new marketing initiative with Travelport

3/18/2014 4:29:09 PM

There's an increased information security risk that comes with travel, from the moment you pick up your airport car rental to when you board your flight for the trip back home. Whether you're going abroad or staying within the country, try some of these tips for protecting your precious data:

Bring only the essential data
While many might think it best to come over-prepared for a business trip, bringing unnecessary, classified information about your company puts you at a greater risk of losing that information or having it stolen.

Back up your data
If you do lose information during a trip - such as if your laptop breaks on the road or you misplace your flash drive - it's important to have a secondary source for that data. Bring an encrypted backup flash drive or share it with a trusted coworker who can forward you any lost data while you're out of town.

Keep your devices with you
Avoid leaving your laptop, tablet or smartphone in a meeting room or storing it in your business car rental. It only takes a few moments for someone to swipe your device and steal your confidential information.


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