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Make working on the go easy

Friday, August 16, 2013 5:40:50 PM

In addition to your corporate car rental, there are a number of other things to worry about on a business trip. When traveling for work, odds are you'll be connecting to the Internet in order to get some work done. Whether it's at the airport or your hotel, it's important to know how to ensure you have the ability to connect safely and securely. Follow these tips so you don't get behind on projects and other tasks:

Some airports and hotels offer free WiFi, while others do not. To make sure that you're never without a signal, consider asking your boss to front the bill for a mobile hotspot. This way, you can even log on and check your email when you're waiting in your car rental for your colleagues to head out to dinner.

You won't always have access to an outlet when traveling for business, so be sure to carry a backup battery for your laptop. You'll want to keep this with you in your carry-on, that way you'll even have access to it when you're in the air.

In the event your hotspot goes out or you just can't connect to the signal, be sure that you have an alternate plan for getting online. This might be at a cafe, local library or even on a university's campus. When deadlines are approaching, you'll be thrilled you thought ahead.

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