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Millennials approach business travel differently

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 9:16:21 AM

A new generation of road warriors are taking to the skies (and the roads, for those who prefer to save money by using a car rental), and they approach business travel entirely differently than baby boomers.

According to the Hilton Garden Inn Discovery and Connection Survey, nearly 25 percent of millennials travel overnight for business at least once per week. Millennial business travelers are much more likely to add on extra days to their trips for a bit of vacation time, and expect to always have access to information necessary to conduct business via laptops, smartphones and tablets.

"Millennials are creating a very specific kind of work-life balance that makes sense for their generation and the long hours they're putting in," Judy Christa-Cathey, vice president of focused service brand marketing for Hilton Garden Inn and Hampton Hotels, said in a statement. "The line between 'personal' and 'business' time is becoming blurred, particularly for this group, so millennials are finding adventure through business."

As a result, millennials are more likely to take car rentals on the road and do some exploring after a long day of meetings - business travel may no longer be all work and no play.

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