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Business travel tips for National Nutrition Month

3/24/2014 5:19:49 PM

March is National Nutrition Month, so it's the perfect time of year to consider your eating habits when out of town, whether you're flying across the country or driving in a car rental. Those who travel for business often follow an unhealthy diet - many think of the occasion as a vacation during which they can indulge, while others turn to fast food as a source of comfort in an unfamiliar destination. Try these tips to maintain your diet on the road:

Hit the grocery store
Rather than heading to a restaurant on your business trip, head to the nearest grocery store. If you're staying in a hotel with guest cooking facilities, pick up meat and vegetables for a balanced meal. Otherwise, you might consider purchasing fresh fruit, microwavable dinners or instant oatmeal and other healthy options that require no preparation or only a microwave.

Pack a snack
When packing for your trip, prepare some snacks to keep in your briefcase, hotel room and the glove box of your business car rental. This can help you avoid hitting the vending machine or pulling up to the fast food drive-through when your stomach starts to grumble.


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