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Will this new app change the way you do business travel?

November 20, 2013

Advancements in technology have played a huge role in the developing state of business travel. Computers, the internet and hand-held devices have made booking flights and car rentals as easy as the click of a button and improved the accuracy and efficiency of the planning process. But a new application by Egencia, a travel technology and mobile solutions company, will provide businesspeople with a whole new feature that could save time, money and hassle while away for work.

The application, TripNavigator, allows for real-time updating of itineraries while on the road. The program was designed to make business travelers immediately aware of last-minute changes to itineraries, including flight delays as well as major events that could cause unforeseen road traffic.

Along with providing detailed information about itinerary alterations, the application also tells the user exactly what step he or she should take next for a smooth trip. For instance, TripNavigator might alert you to start shopping for an airport car rental in your destination, or, if your flight has been cancelled, book a seat on another plane. While the application is only available through the iOS platform presently, Egencia plans to release an Android version in 2014.


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