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Nifty apps for business travel management

3/5/2014 5:05:29 PM

It can be hard to balance all the tasks associated with traveling for work, from finding a hotel room in your price range to finding the best deals on discount car rentals. Some business people keep track of their need-to-do items with a scheduler or daily planner, but many use their smartphones to manage travel plans. There are a variety apps that can help you in the process, such as these:

The KDS Neo app for smartphones and tablets allows you to input your departure point and exact destination down to the address, and it gives you a selection of door-to-door itineraries. It yields results for at least four different travel plans, each detailing which plane to book tickets for, the best ground transportation option and a Google Street View image of the building you will arrive at.

TripIt is a more hands-on travel planning app. You link it to your e-mail account, and the program collects all the confirmation numbers that you receive in your inbox. For example, when a hotel, car rental company or airline sends you a booking confirmation, it imports that information into your itinerary. Additionally, it automatically updates any changes to flight schedules or other last-minute issues.

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