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Prepare yourself for rainy driving conditions

9/17/2013 3:21:19 PM

As cooler temperatures roll across the country, many areas will be experiencing severe weather during the coming months. While driving discount car rentals for business travel, you'll want to ensure your own and others' protection. Stay safe on the roads despite rainy weather with these two tips:

Drive slowly
Speed limits are meant to be followed, but if road conditions are poor, you may want to reduce your cruise control a few miles per hour. This is especially true as you take turns and drive along a curving road. It's best to lightly press down on the brake when slowing in this type of weather as well. Suddenly hitting the brakes aggressively could cause you to lose complete control of the corporate car rental.

Keep distance
Reacting quickly enough to the driver in front of you can be difficult even when the sun is shiny and wind is still. If the roads are wet, you are at an even greater risk for rear-ending someone who suddenly hits the brakes. In order to prevent a collision, make sure that you are leaving the appropriate amount of space between your rental and the one ahead of you. It is recommended to stay more than two car lengths back.

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