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Preventing identity theft on the road


Every time you pull out your identification, whether it's at airport security or when picking up your business car rental, you're at risk of having your identity stolen. But culprits don't need your picture ID to steal your identity these days - technology has made the crime much easier. Consider these suggestions for keeping your personal info secure while away on business.

Stick to secure networks

It can be tempting to hop on an insecure network quickly to check your email or bank statement. But this puts your private information at risk of being accessed by others. Avoid those free Wi-Fi networks at hotel lobbies, cafes and other public spots, and find ones with data-encryption protections instead.

Use cash

Rather than swiping your card at every place you make a transaction in your destination, try to use cash as often as possible. It's generally safe to use your debit or credit card at major chain stores, airports, car rental companies and other trusted establishments that use secure payment systems, but if a seller's payment method seems unusual, never hand over your card.

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