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Car rental is on the rise for young professionals

Tuesday, August 28, 2012 11:29:44 AM

Car rental, car sharing and other forms of short-term car ownership is predicted to become an even more important means of transportation. Driving patterns determined by business travel car rental, irregular commutes and economic hardships have shaped a generation of drivers that prefers to rent rather than own.

For recent graduates traveling for business, car rental is a no-brainer. Not only does renting a car allow for more efficient travel while away on business, car rentership is highly customizable, allowing each renter to select the perfect car to meet their specific business and travel needs.

Economy cars are often a best bet for business personnel whose primary reason for a rental car is to travel to and from business meetings or conferences. Individuals that will use their rental cars to transport clientele may want to opt for a luxury vehicle like a Buick LaCrosse or even a standard convertible. If your line of work requires access to a rugged environment, using an SUV or all-terrain vehicle may be ideal. 

Beyond the car's physical power or outer physique, looking at the specifics of a rental car's interior is imperative. For example, if you expect to be away on business for a few weeks or longer, looking for a rental vehicle with more cargo space is in your best interest.

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