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Surprise conference call kit

1/15/2015 6:23:42 PM

So you've picked up your business travel rental car and you're heading to the hotel when your phone rings. Surprise! A conference call that you forgot about or weren't planning on being a part of. Do you have what you need to take the call? Make a surprise conference call kit so that you're ready at any moment:

Your kit
You're going to need a notebook. Do you prefer a letter-sized one to get all your call-notes on or a smaller, more journalistic one to catch just the basics? Once you've decided on a notebook you can choose what to keep your kit in. A laptop sleeve is useful for bigger laptop users and a tablet sleeve is perfect for smaller laptops. Choose one with a zipper to keep each element of your kit in one place. Now add these items to your stash:

  • At least two pens
  • A voice recorder
  • A car charger for your cell phone
  • Sticky notes

In the event of a sudden call, be sure to pull over and turn off your car rental. The noise from the surrounding highway might interfere with your conversation so try to pull off in a neighborhood or somewhere you won't be disturbed. Bring out your emergency kit and take a deep breath. You can handle this!


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