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Surprising tips from your fellow road warriors

Friday, May 3, 2013 9:42:05 AM

All frequent business travelers have heard of the most obvious tips to make your trip a little less stressful: make a reservation for your airport car rental, make photocopies of your credit cards, give yourself plenty of time to get through security at the airport. But what about the tips that others don't think of? Test out these creative strategies from your fellow road warriors:

Use your phone to your advantage
Your smartphone has more uses than handy travel apps and maps that will help you get to your next meeting (although both of these features are extremely useful on business trips). When you park your car rental, snap a picture of landmarks nearby so you can find it when you return.

Build extra time into your schedule
Don't stress yourself out by scheduling your business trip right down to the minute. Build in a little extra time to account for delays, and then you won't be so upset when you hit traffic on the way to the hotel. Even if everything goes as planned, it will give you a little extra time to relax.

Keep mustard in your pocket
If you tend to get leg cramps from long plane rides or from sitting in meetings for hours on end, keep a small packet of mustard in your pocket for emergencies - it contains turmeric acid, which reduces cramping.

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