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Technological advances continue to make business travel easier

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 10:55:37 AM

With every increase in technology, business travel seems to become more efficient and smooth. These changes go beyond early check-in. Catch up on some of the latest technologies that will make your next trip in a business car rental that much easier. 

Remember how great it felt when you first got to choose your seat on the plane? Now with online hotel check-in, you can do a similar thing. Is a corner room away from the elevator what you want? Several hotel chains can make that happen. Check with yours to see if it's possible. Another innovation in the world of business travel is the ability to complete projects on-the-go. What if on your way to your corporate car rental, you and your coworkers could hold a short meeting? With new handheld projection technology, it's possible. 

With all of this technology, there are bound to be costs you need to keep track of, and you can do it simply with an app. The Travel Pocket app (which charges a small fee) will let users track and organize their budget and expenses by day and time. It will also convert the report into a spreadsheet. Say goodbye to all of those loose receipts you so often misplace.

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