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Time-saving tips for the airport

Thursday, May 30, 2013 4:14:14 PM

There's nothing worse than taking too much time at the airport when you're headed out for a business trip. With so much on your mind - where to pick up the car rental, whether you remembered everything for your presentations, where to meet your clients - the last thing you need to do is spend hours waiting at security. To shorten the time you have to spend at the airport, follow these tips:

1. Be TSA-friendly
Making your way through airport security can often seem like the longest and most stressful part of your trip, but if you wear TSA-friendly clothing and follow the 3-1-1 rule of carry-on bags, you can speed up the process considerably. Keep all pocket items in your jacket or suit coat, and take it off before you make your way through the scanners - it's fast and it's easy!

2. Check before you leave
Flight times are often changed, delayed or even canceled, and you can save yourself hours of lounging at the airport by checking your flight status before you leave home. Spend that extra time working on your presentation.

3. Be prepared
If you're a frequent road warrior, you know what you need to get on your flight: an ID card and boarding pass. Check to make sure you have those essential items with you before you leave the house, in addition to collecting other important things like your cellphone and credit card.

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