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Ways to reward yourself during business travel

Thursday, May 23, 2013 9:50:25 AM

Although getting out of the office can be a nice change of pace, let's face it: business travel can be stressful. Often, there's a lot to get done in a short amount of time, which doesn't leave much wiggle room for rest and relaxation. For a more productive, happier you, try rewarding yourself just a little bit during your next business trip.

1. Opt for the nicer car rental
Instead of squeezing yourself and all of your files into a tiny car, opt for a nicer vehicle to make your trip go a bit more smoothly. Check to see if there are any specials running - you may not even have to shell out a ton of extra cash.

2. Fit in a workout
Waking up a little early to fit in a workout before heading to a day of meetings could do a ton to improve your mood. Keeping up your exercise routine is also a great way to avoid jet lag if you change time zones.

3. Sleep in
If, on the other hand, you think sleep would be a better reward than exercise, schedule your meetings just a bit later on one of the days you're away as a treat to yourself. Having an extra 30 minutes of slumber after a long day could make all the difference.

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