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Business travelers name weather delays among their top issues

2/28/2014 4:16:33 PM

Whether you're driving in the rain in your corporate car rental or stuck in your hotel room during a blizzard, weather can have a massive effect on your business trip. Along with providing an extra element of danger to your excursion, inclement conditions can cause you to miss meetings, conferences and other important events, and it's the biggest reason for flight delays. So it's not surprising that, according to recent research, flyers find weather-related delays to be the greatest nuisance over all other business travel issues.

The Global Business Travel Association conducted a study that surveyed more than 500 business travelers in the U.S. about their biggest travel snafus in the past 12 months. It revealed that 54 percent of those questioned found travel delays caused by bad weather to be a major source of frustration. Additionally, 48 percent believed late planes and trains, airplane incidents and missed connecting flights were among the top travel issues.

The survey also asked questions about travel concerns after arriving at the destination. Among those questioned, 50 percent said their top concern was the location of the hotel, while 35 percent were worried about the safety of ground transportation. About 34 percent of participants were worried about who they would call if an issue were present itself. Fortunately, those who utilize discount car rentals can turn to Thrifty when a roadside emergency occurs, such as a flat tire or stalled vehicle.

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