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What to consider when buying business travel luggage

Thursday, July 11, 2013 10:01:12 AM

Every road warrior needs business travel luggage that can withstand countless trips through the airport, on the plane and when thrown into the trunk of a car rental. But how is one to find a piece of luggage that can handle the wear and tear of travel and doesn't weigh one hundred pounds? Before you start your search, consider these factors:

1. Overall design
Think about where you plan to maneuver this luggage. Train stations? Airports? Business car rental parking lots? Cobblestone streets? The overall design of your bag is important because it needs to be able to adapt to any situation. You should easily be able to control its movement, and it must be the appropriate carry-on size if you don't plan to check your baggage.

2. Materials
Generally you have two main choices when it comes to your business luggage: Soft or hard shell. Hard shells are becoming increasingly popular because they are stain resistant and can withstand wear and tear. However, they can be heavy. Soft shell designs, on the other hand, are lighter and generally contain more expandable compartments.

3. Interior
Think about the capabilities you need the interior of your luggage to have. Is it configured in a way that will help you stay organized, with plenty of useful compartments and pockets? Make sure there is enough useable space in the inside of your bag.

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