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Wi-Fi quickly becoming a complimentary staple at airports, hotels

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:21:05 PM

Although many airlines and hotel chains have drawn criticism for hiking their prices in recent months, one usually free amenity is quickly becoming the norm: Wi-Fi.

Though most business professionals take advantage of business travel car rental services, getting to destination cities still requires air travel. According to Time Magazine, travelers can almost always count on free Wi-Fi service en route to their destination cities.

According to the source, many major U.S. airports already offer free Wi-Fi. After receiving complaints from passengers, the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport was one of the last international airports in the country to begin offering free wireless internet access. It recently promised to offer the service by the end of 2012.

Numerous studies have revealed that domestic and international business travelers prefer Wi-Fi access to almost any other travel amenity. For example, Australian Business Traveler reported that a recent study showed that Aussies list Wi-Fi as their most important priority in business travel hotel selection.

For both hotel and air travel, business professionals have found access to Wi-Fi to be an invaluable resource. Internet access boosts productivity, allows for easy communication with loved ones at home, and helps travelers prioritize business travel tasks.

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