American Airlines AAdavantage discounts for your family vacation
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American Airlines AAdavantage discounts for your family vacation


September 23, 2013

Wherever you plan to visit in the United States, American Airlines has you covered. This trusted airline takes travelers to around 80 different destinations and offers affordable prices so that you and your family can save your money for sightseeing and adventure-taking on your memorable vacation. Have you ever wanted to discover the beautiful port-side cities off the Atlantic Coast or take a dip in the warm, shimmering waters of the Pacific? Maybe you want to treat your loved ones to a relaxing vacation in a charming Southern town. Either way, choose American Airlines to get you where you want to be.

Those looking to save some money on their travel accommodations can become American Airlines AAdvantage members. With this plan, travelers get 50 AAdvantage miles for each qualifying day of rental for up to 30 days when they rent through participating Dollar Rent A Car locations. Those who are enrolled in the plan can save even more with American Airlines discounts on plane tickets and automobile transportation. For example, through December 31, members who are reserving a rental car can use the promo code AAWT and enter their personal AAdvantage number to earn quadruple miles - that's 300 miles each day. This offer requires rental of a compact car or larger automobile for at least three days.

Are you planning an upcoming trip to one of the country's top cities? Then you're in luck, because Dollar Rent A Car has locations all across America - hit the West Coast with a Los Angeles excursion, explore the Midwest via Chicago or discover New England with a getaway to Boston. Learn about the rental deals available in your destination and start packing your family up for an exciting retreat.

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