5 Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency
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5 Tips for Better Fuel Efficiency

Even though fuel prices have put a pinch in a lot of people’s air travel plans, car rentals are still a relatively economical way to hit the road. And whether you’re traveling around town or across the country there are a few ways you can improve your rental car’s fuel efficiency.

  • Drive the speed limit. According to, not only is it safer, but gas mileage efficiency decreases at speeds above 60 mph. Think about it this way… for every 5 mph you drive over 60, you’ll pay an extra $0.26 for gas (assuming a per-gallon gas price of $3.74). So keep that pedal off the metal!

  • Don’t drive angry. For one thing, anger and vacations just don’t mix. But there’s also another reason to keep the peace… according to a recent “Mythbusters” show, angry drivers tend to accelerate and break faster than happier drivers, which can significantly decrease their car’s fuel efficiency.

  • Lighten up! An extra 100 lbs. in your car can decrease its fuel efficiency by as much as 2 percent, so clean out your trunk and when you pack for trips, remember: less is more.

  • Don’t let anything “drag” you down. Driving with the windows down – or keeping your luggage or bikes on a roof rack – can create “drag” and decrease your car’s fuel economy by as much as 10 percent.

  • Upkeep. Upkeep. Upkeep. When you’re not driving a rental car, you can improve your own car’s fuel efficiency by keeping the tires inflated properly, replacing the air filters regularly and using the right grade of motor oil.

Don’t believe changing the way you drive can impact your car’s fuel efficiency? Start with a full tank of gas, driving normally for a week and note your mileage. The next time you fill up, make a conscious effort to change your habits, and note your mileage. When you compare the two, you’ll probably realize that you got better mileage from your second tank of gas.

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