Favorite Places from Your Favorite Movies
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Famous Places from Your Favorite Movies

Whether your favorite movie is “Easy Rider” or “The Blues Brothers,” it’s always fun to see where famous Hollywood scenes were shot. So if you’re in the mood for a road trip in your own home town or across the country, just rent a car and hit the road! A few cinematic stops in some popular destinations include: 

  • Easy Rider. If you’re in Arizona or just driving through, take your rental car north on Interstate 17 and follow the signs for Prescott. About 1.5 hours from Phoenix, you’ll find the distinctive rocks of the Granite Dells and the famous Palace Bar on Whiskey Row.

  • The Blues Brothers. Fans of “The Blues Brothers” need only to rent a car in Chicago to see some of the film’s most famous locations. Once you slip behind the wheel hit the road and check out the likes of Wrigley Field, walk through the Richard J Daley Center and see the place where the Bluesmobile finally died at City Hall-County Building on Clark Street.

  • Sopranos. If you’re in New Jersey, just hop in your rental car and hit the road. Pizzaland is located in North Arlington, New Jersey at 260 Belleville Turnpike. Grab a slice, then drive just a few miles north to the famous Satin Dolls go-go lounge where Tony and team plot their crimes.

  • Goonies/Kindergarten Cop. About 95 miles up Highway 101 is the beautiful little town of Astoria. Here you can check out the town that “Goonies” made famous, see the craggy Beacon Rock, get a peek at the Goonie house on 38th Street and even stay at the Bayview Motel featured in “Kindergarten Cop.”

  • Pretty Woman. In Los Angeles, virtually every corner is in someone’s favorite movie. But if your top pick is Pretty Woman then, as you tool around the city in your rental car, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Cicada (restaurant) at 617 Olive Street, and of course – Rodeo Drive.

If your favorite film isn’t on the list just look up “ABC XYZ movie locations” online and you’ll probably find a few sites that can direct you to some of the film’s most famous spots. Or, if you just want to see the Hollywood hot spots in the town you’re traveling to, check out the local film commission’s website or tourism office.

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