Healthy Road Trip Snacks
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Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Sometimes a burger and fries are the only things that will satisfy. But on a road trip in a luxurious rental car or your own sedan, they can make you feel drained of energy and more than a little bloated. So instead of stopping by the multitude of burger joints dotting the highway, on your next road trip choose some healthier snacks – and meals – that will leave you satisfied and raring to go! Some healthy road trip snacks that don’t sacrifice taste and can be packed in a small in-car cooler include:

  • Chewy trail mix bars. They won’t crumble like crunchy bars, which can leave your car a mess. Plus, if you buy a salty-sweet variety, they can serve to satisfy virtually any craving.

  • Baked potato chips. They’re like the bad-for-you chips you love, but these will leave you feeling lighter and more energetic than their deep-fried cousins.

  • Seedless red grapes, frozen. When removed from their stems, these sweet and juicy little fruits won’t leave your car (rental or otherwise) any worse for the wear. Pack them in a reusable container and pop them into your center console for easy, anytime access.

  • Beef or turkey jerky. Sure, these handy snacks can be high in sodium, but they pack some serious protein – which most snacks lack. Check package labels to find reduced-sodium varieties that are delicious and nutritious.

  • Plain, soy- or honey-glazed almonds. Full of vitamin E, fiber and good-for-you fats, skin-on almonds are healthy and delicious.

  • Grape tomatoes. Same concept as the red grapes above… these healthy little snacks can be popped in your mouth and not make a mess of your car. Just don’t freeze them.

  • Salami & cheese. When rolled together and secured with toothpicks, this handy little snack can be eaten without getting your fingers greasy. (Plus it packs quite a protein punch and will give your body some much-needed calcium.)

  • Whole-wheat toast points with peanut butter. Just make some toast at home, then spread your favorite peanut butter over the cooled toast and cut into points. Layer the pieces in a reusable container and you’ll have a protein-packed snack right at your fingertips.

Add in a few sports bottles full of water and perhaps some shelled edamame or sliced veggies and you’ll be good to go – and well fed – on your next road trip.

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