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Travel Tips for Pregnant Women

Although traveling during your first trimester might be a breeze, when you get into your second or third trimester things start to change. Ankles can swell, backs start to ache, and being caught in the middle seat without easy access to a restroom can all cause some serious discomfort – which is why many women opt for road trips, rather than flights, as their delivery dates near.

Of course, riding in a car for hours can also come with its own share of discomfort, but there are some things you can do (and a few gadgets you can buy) that will help make traveling by car a bit more comfortable. They are:

  • Trade up. If you drive a compact car and you’re feeling the pinch, rent a car that’s larger for road trips and/or around-town travel.

  • Invest in GPS. This way you’ll be able to pinpoint restaurants and shops along your route where you can get a healthy snack and use the restroom.

  • Bring water. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your pregnancy, so bring along a few sports bottles filled with water so you can satisfy your thirst on the road.

  • Pregnancy pillow. Don’t count on your hotel, friends or family to have comfortable pillows for you to snuggle up with. Instead, pack your own pregnancy pillow in your trunk.

  • Walk about. When you stop for bathroom and snack breaks, take a few minutes to walk around and move your limbs. This will help get the blood moving and keep circulation problems at bay.

  • Wrap it up. Because your body temperature can fluctuate throughout the day, be sure to dress in layers and bring a sweater, jacket or shawl you can drape over your shoulders at any given moment.

  • Get comfy. If you’re not driving, trade your street shoes for a pair of slippers or socks, slide a neck pillow around your neck, pop a pair of noise-canceling headphones over your ears and take a nap (should the mood strike).

If you’re feeling indulgent, make an appointment for a pregnancy massage at a spa near your destination. This will work out the kinks and help you feel ready for anything!

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