Visit the Paris of the Plains: Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri, has been referred to as the Paris of the Plains. It has the most boulevards of any city in the U.S., which is probably why someone made the comparison to the European city, which also has many boulevards. The current name for the area is just one of the options that were considered. It could have ended up being called Possum Trot or Rabbitville.

Are you a big fan of those heart-shaped chocolates that are popular around Valentine's Day? Chocolatier Russell Stover was born in Kansas and moved his company here in 1931. The corporation's headquarters are still located here, pumping out the delicious smell of chocolates all year round. Visit these attractions to see what else Kansas City has to offer:

Take your Kansas City rental car to 2500 Grand Boulevard in Crown Center and you'll find Kaleidoscope. This interesting playground and art space is totally free and a great place for your kids to have fun using their imaginations. Hallmark donates materials that did not get used in their manufacturing process to this facility so visiting kids can show their creative sides.

If you want to get in on the action, join your kids and take a 40-minute Family Art Session. You can make something cool with paper, markers, crayons and other art materials, and then take it home for keeps as a souvenir of your trip.

You can reserve a time to visit Kaleidoscope, but not every program accepts reservations. Bring your sense of imagination and wonder when you head to Kaleidoscope. You'll leave with a smile and something cool that you made!

Arabia Steamboat Museum
After horse and buggies and before planes, many goods and people made their way across the country via steamboats. These vessels crossed the continent over waterways, delivering lumber, food and other necessities to people along their routes. Steamboat Arabia was one of those ships.

Built in St. Louis, Missouri, Steamboat Arabia traveled thousands of miles on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers before crashing into a drifting log and ending up on the riverbed. The ship was extracted from its resting place 45 feet below ground off a channel of the Missouri River in 1988. Now it is on display in Kansas City. Not only can you look at this magnificent piece of history, you can actually walk through it, imagining what it would have been like as a means of travel.

This museum has been featured on:

  • Antiques Roadshow
  • National Geographic 
  • Good Morning America

It is a popular destination for history buffs and amateur shoppers. Visit the cargo gallery to see what the ship may have carried during its heyday and tour the hull room, where a guide will tell the tale of raising the ship's hull from its spot buried in a corn field and restoring the ship to its current condition. 

Arrowhead stadium
The Kansas City Chiefs National Football League team home field is at Arrowhead Stadium. Drive your Kansas City rental car to 1 Arrowhead Drive to see the Chiefs in action. Football isn't the only event that brings fans to this facility—it also hosts musical performances like Kenny Chesney and One Direction. If you are interested in the history of the building, be sure to sign up for a guided stadium tour. You'll get to walk through the:

  • Press box
  • Scout Investments Club Level
  • Chiefs Hall of Honor
  • Locker room

These tours are available year round. For a unique look at the field take a game-day tour. This allows visitors an opportunity to be behind the scenes during the game. You will even have the chance to walk on the sidelines during the pre-game. Tours must be booked at least a week in advance and you can join one with strangers or bring a group of 10 or more people to have your own tour. 


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