Raisins and laser tag in Fresno

Fresno County has a population of 942,298 people and an average commute of just 15 minutes. The county is the No. 1 farming county in the nation, producing over 250 different crops worth around $3 billion a year. Visit Fresno to see innovative and historic agricultural sites like these:

Bulldog Stadium

The red and blue Fresno State Bulldogs call this stadium home. It is shared between women's lacrosse, women's soccer and the football team. Since it opened in 1980, the school has had an overall winning percentage of just over 75. The playing field is 37 feet below the surrounding land, giving it a low profile. If you're looking for a seat with a back be sure to get tickets on the east or west side of the stadium. The rest of the facility has backless aluminum benches. Since the first game here against Montana State on Nov. 25 1980, the stadium has had several expansions, adding over 11,000 seats, sky suites, better lighting, a new playing surface, and improved concession stands and restrooms. Drive your Fresno rental car to this facility to join the Red Wave and cheer for Bulldog sports.

No Surrender

Visit this attraction to play "Call of Duty"-like laser tag. The games played here are fast-paced and technical. The laser guns resemble military weapons, from pistols to sniper rifles and more. Bring a group or come alone and join other walk-in players. The facility is 10,000 square feet of fun. If you need a break or are waiting to get some play time, you can stop in the arcade room to play pinball and other old school arcade games. There's also an Xbox area for gamers interested in renting one by the hour. The laser tag arena is rearranged every month and new weaponry is available on a regular basis. Children younger than age 8 are not allowed in the arena and anyone under age 18 must have signed parental consent. All necessary equipment is provided at the facility, so don't worry about bringing your own gear. You're sure to get an adrenaline rush at this exciting arcade and arena.

Kearney Historic Site

Martin Theodore Kearney made his fortune as a young man on his raisin vineyard, Fruit Vale Estate, in Fresno County. At the time he was one of the richest men in the area - people referred to him as the "Raisin King." He based the design of the superintendent's lodge after the Chateau du Chenonceaux in France after he took his custom Mercedes-Benz limousine, a $25,000 car, on a tour of Europe. While there he lived among the elite and became inspired to create his massive Fresno mansion. When Kearney died in 1906, he willed his entire estate to the University of California. They controlled the property until 1949 when the ranch portion was shut down and the entire land was sold to the County of Fresno, who made the famous superintendent's quarters into a museum and the estate's base of operations. The surrounding 230 acres were made into a public park to benefit the citizens of Fresno. There are five buildings still intact that were parts of the original estate: the oil house, ice house, servants' quarters, carriage house and the superintendent's lodge (also known as the Kearney Mansion Museum). Drive your rental car to the Kearney Historic Site and you can tour the old vineyards, living quarters and more for a unique look at the rich agricultural history of Fresno.


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