Horse around in Lexington, Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky, is not the home of the famous Kentucky Derby. It is, however, where many of the horses that compete in the race reside. Head to these three attractions to see some local legends, enjoy a game of football and learn about the Todd-Lincoln family.

Mary Todd Lincoln House
After pick up, take your Lexington car rental to 578 West Main Street and you'll see the beautiful Marry Todd Lincoln House. It is here, where Abraham Lincoln's wife resided with her family in the early 1800s. The building was an inn when it opened and eventually was owned by Todd-Lincoln's father.

She grew up here until age 20, when she moved to Springfield, Illinois. This facility is the premier site to honor a First Lady. President Abraham Lincoln visited the grounds once during 1847 and his wife's family owned the estate until her father died of cholera.

A mishap in his will led the building to be sold at auction and it wasn't until later that it was returned to the grandeur and beauty it once reflected. Today you can stroll through the house and admire many antiques and original fixtures of the home. Tours are led Monday through Saturday and are sure to entertain visitors with stories of the history of the Todd and Lincoln families. 

Kentucky Horse Park
If you enjoy visiting with horses and all things equine, be sure to visit the Kentucky Horse Park. This beautiful attraction, located at 4089 Iron Works Parkway, has a lot to offer for people of all ages and horse-handling levels.

You can bring your family and watch the daily horse show and take a stroll through the International Museum of the Horse. This spot includes artifacts, carriages and even racing trophies and is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. You'll learn about different:

  • Horse breeds
  • Lineages
  • Famous stallions

There's even a trolley pulled by draft horses that takes you through the entire facility in the summertime. You can hop on a horse and go for a 35-minute ride with a guide or take a stroll on a pony for smaller riders.

For an in-depth tour of the park, take the Unique Horse Farm Tour. This 2.5-3-hour session will allow you to go behind the scenes to learn about special horses and riders that are famous for their racing skills. It's a horse-lover's dream!

Commonwealth Stadium
Drive your Lexington rental car to 1540 University Drive and you'll spot C.M. Newton Field, which was named after a former University of Kentucky director of athletics. The grass was installed in 2005 and is from Bermuda.

The Kentucky Wildcats football team plays all home games at this facility that was originally constructed in 1973. When it opened, 57,800 fans could enjoy the game from the newly-made seats. Over 12,040,330 people have seen Wildcats games on their home turf since this stadium opened. That's nearly three times as many individuals as actually live in Kentucky!

The blue and white UK athletes storm the field ready to take on their opponents while sporting a .529 at-home winning percentage. A total of 67,606 people can watch from the stands today, but Commonwealth is being renovated to add even better seating before the fall 2015 season. 

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