Football, fame and frenzy: Ohio style

Your face is flapping, hair is flying, and your mouth is open in a scream. You're not in a horror movie, you're in Ohio! The rumors aren't true, Ohio is not terribly boring! With options from frenzied football to righteous rock-'n'-roll and mind-blowing roller coasters, everyone will find something fun!

Cedar Point
If you think Ohio's boring, you've never been to Cedar Point. Opened in 1870, this vast park is the second oldest in the country and has been voted No. 1 amusement park in the world for 16 years straight by Amusement Today. Stun your senses on 150 rides and attractions, including:

  • 16 roller coasters
  • Water features
  • Other fun activities

Top Thrill Dragster, a popular new roller coaster, shoots riders into the sky at a crazy 120 miles per hour. In the 17 seconds that make up the entire ride you will be so glad you grabbed a Cleveland rental car and set off for Ohio.

First Energy Stadium
Make your way to this 73,200-seat stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Cleveland Browns National Football League team. Grab a seat in the Dawg Pound, where super-fans sit, and perhaps you'll learn about the Cleveland Browns Legends. This special program honors those who have greatly contributed to the success of the team.

The Dawg Pound includes some Professional Football Hall of Famers as well as other important Browns members. Candidates must have played at least five seasons with the Browns, have been a serious contributor to their position, and have been retired from professional football for at least five years at the time of their induction

Each year, two men are chosen after a series of votes from Browns Alumna and members of various sports media outlets. It is a title coveted by players and fans alike!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
If sports aren't your thing grab a Cleveland rental car and head downtown to see, and hear, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the largest collection of rock artifacts in the world. With more than 50 exhibits, the museum aims to educate visitors about the significance of rock-'n'-roll music by showcasing and preserving artifacts and providing educational programs.

The museum was originally planned to be built in New York but Cleveland citizens rallied, saying that Cleveland WJW disc jockey Alan Freed popularized the term, "rock-'n'-roll" in 1951 and their musical ties should earn them the right to host the historic museum. Clevelanders won, and in 1995 the museums door were opened to the public.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame existed before the museum, its first inductees were rewarded in 1986, and included such greats as Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles and Chuck Berry. You might find a little more swivel in your hips and song in your voice after visiting this musical museum!

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