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New Orleans is a place rich in culture. Native Americans and French people lived here when the city first began, before it became a slave area full of plantations. Recently-freed servants who originally came from Africa brought their religion and traditions here in the 1800s, and added to the melting pot that it is today. Visit these three attractions for a look at the city's past, present and future:

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

Drive your New Orleans rental car to 1500 Sugar Bowl Drive and see this giant facility. Built between 1971 and 1975, it was finally utilized during the first-ever game here between the New Orleans Saints National Football League team and the Houston Oilers on Aug. 6, 1975. The first Sugar Bowl held here was on Dec. 31, 1975, when more than 75,000 people came to watch the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Penn State Nittany Lions 13-6. Since then, this field has hosted:

  • Super Bowls 
  • Boxing matches with Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks,
  • Rolling Stones
  • Several NCAA Final Four games
  • Wrestlemania XXX

This isn't just a sports arena or football field, it's a multipurpose event center that up to 76,000 people can attend at once. Whatever you're here to see, you're sure to get a great view of the action from one of the seats in this 166,000-square-foot stadium.

Mardi Gras World

New Orleans is famous for the major celebration of Mardi Gras. To get a taste of this holiday year round, drive your rental car to 1380 Port of New Orleans Place. Here, you can take a tour of:

  • Blaine Kern Studios
  • The facility that creates majestic
  • Intricate parade floats for Mardi Gras
  • Many parades worldwide

You can see the floats being made, try on traditional Mardi Gras costumes, and play with props like beads, and masquerade masks. Each tour lasts about one hour, and includes a walk through the facility, an interesting video about the history of the holiday, and a delicious slice of King Cake. You might leave this tour with a little extra glitter on your person from trying on outfits, or taking photos in front of the fantastical floats. 

The Voodoo Bone Lady Haunted Tours

New Orleans is famous for its origins in voodoo. The Voodoo Bone Lady is a psychic, Voodoo priestess, medium, and life coach. She and her staff lead three of the most famous tours throughout New Orleans: ghost tours, cemetery tours, and walks through the French Quarter. If your family is interested in:

  • Witches
  • Ghosts
  • Pirates
  • Vampires

Then the ghost tour will take you through paranormally active parts of the city. The cemetery tour brings visitors to see graves of the famous, including the Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau.

The French Quarter tour is less spooky and more like an insider look at the city's most famous neighborhood. You'll want to bring a camera to all of these to capture evidence of ghosts or the look on your family's faces as you walk the sometimes scary and always interesting streets of New Orleans.

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