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Kid Curry, a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch, shot several deputies in Knoxville in 1901. He made a daring escape attempt but was captured and brought to the Knoxville Jail, where he was able to escape, and was last seen riding the horse that he stole from the sheriff across the Gay Street Bridge. Visit this Tennessee town to see where the Wild West once was.

Neylund Stadium

General Robert Reese Neyland went to Tennessee as a Reserve Officers' Training Corps instructor in 1925, and became the head football coach of the University of Tennessee a year later. Neyland was head coach until 1952, with two interruptions for military service, and his contributions to the school’s athletic development were so crucial that the stadium was named after him in 1962.

Over 25 million fans have attended games at the stadium over the years with an average of 68,925 fans per game. It's the third largest non-racing stadium in the US.

The home football team, the Tennessee Volunteers, is named after the willingness of the state citizens to join the military and serve in the War of 1812, and the Mexican War when the outpouring of volunteers reached 30,000. Upon pick up, hop in your Knoxville rental car and head to Neylund stadium, and you will spot Smokey, the team’s coonhound mascot. The hound dog leads the team on a run through, before every home football game.

Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours

Head to this historical investigation-based ghost tour where you and your family will become ghost hunters! Real paranormal investigators will take you on a walking tour of the city's most haunted places. You will use investigation tools just like the ghost shows you see on television in an attempt to locate hauntings.

Tours pass through courts, over bridges, and through areas affected by traumatic events like murders and fire. Each area has certain trigger objects that you may bring in the hopes of triggering a spirit to reveal itself. Tours are year round and require reservations. Drive your Knoxville rental car to the tour start on Gay Street for some spooky fun!

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

If you've got a little dribbler on your hands top by this hands-on museum. Located in Knoxville, the hall opened in June 1999. It is the only facility in the world dedicated entirely to women's basketball. See which of your family members will spot the Baden Ball first. The world's largest basketball makes its home here. You're sure to see the 30-foot tall, 10-ton structure as you approach the building.

Inside, you'll find the Ring of Honor, where more than 100 jerseys representing top college and high school players for each season are displayed hanging from the rafters. For those who like to play the game, check out the three basketball courts where you can test your dribbling and passing skills, and try a vertical leap challenge. Head to the Hall of Honor, where inductees are formally recognized for their outstanding accomplishments in the sport. What an inspiring place!

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